Read-the-Label: Yaby Lip Color Refills

It’s no secret that I like refills. I also have three Zpalettes for my bronzers, blushers, concealers and a whole range of eyeshadows. Lip products can be great in refill form like the Yaby lip colour refills.  A review on the Yaby website tells that these babies are very creamy, highly pigmented and only require a few touch ups through the day. Sounds good! But what is in the product?
Well, here’s an ingredient list:

Hydrogenated C6-14 Polyolefin, Mineral Oil, Ozokerite, Bis-diglyceryl, Polyacyladipate-2, Castor Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Lanolin Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Beeswax, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, BHT
May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, D&C Red No.6 Ba Lake, D&C Red No.7 Ca Lake, D&C Red No.27 Al Lake, D&C Red No.33 Al Lake, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake.

Hydrogenated C6-14 Polyolefin is a moisturizer, antioxidant and has immune-stimulating properties. It is mostly used as a natural look-a-like of Squalene.
Mineral Oil is a film-forming and thickening agent that locks water into the lips.
Ozokerite is mineral and thickening agent.
Bis-diglyceryl is a moisturizer and thickening agent.
Polyacyladipate-2 is a semi-solid moisturizer and a substitue for lanolin.
I can already see lanolin oil further down the list, and my guess is that Polyacyladipate-2 is included because it’s such a good moisturizer.
Castor oil is a moisturizer which, when dry, can form a water binding film.

Lanolin oil is an excellent moisturizer. 
Isopropyl Palmitate is a thickening agent and moisturizer. Ethylhexyl Palmitate is a mixture of fatty alcohol and palmitic acid, and acts as a emulsifer and as moisturizer.
Beeswax forms a film and thickens the product. 
Methylparaben, Propylparaben and BHT are the preservatives in this product.The “may contain” section is for the pigments. They are added in such low concentrations that they don’t have any effect on the texture, save the colour. Mica and Titanium Dioxideare white. Iron Oxides are a group of compounds that are earth-like colors (red, green, etc., depending on the structure and formula of the iron oxide), Manganese Violet is violet. D&C Red No.6 Ba Lake, D&C Red No.7 Ca Lake, D&C Red No.27 Al Lake, D&C Red No.33 Al Lake and FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake are all red pigments. FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake is yellow and FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake is blue

This formula consists mainly of thickeners and moisturizers. They are mostly oil-loving ingredients (castor oil, lanolin oil), so there is little need for emulsifiers (however, the ethylhexyl palmitate is a emulsifier).

Note from Promakeupstore: because of the presence of Beeswax, this product is NOT vegan. The refills are priced at € 3,00 each and can be used in either a Yaby freestyle palette, a Yaby 20-well palette or an empty Zpalette of any size you preferUntil next time,



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