How-To: Bronzer 101!

  1. Don’t use bronzer to shape your face!
    I know I know, it’s all over the net: “how to shape your face with bronzer 101”. Right?
    Shaper and bronzer are 2 different products for different purposes.
    A bronzer is used to warm your complexion and to simulate days spent in the sun. The sun hits your face on the highest parts of the face, bridge of the nose, apples of the cheeks, forehead, chin, cleavage. So that’s where you will want to place your bronzer.
    A shaper is used to give extra depth to areas that are natually hollow on your face (under cheekbones, jawline, temples, side of nose) and give the illusion of ie a sharper jaw line, higher cheekbones or a narrower nose.Whereas a bronzer usually has an orange or pink base, shapers have a brown/grey base. This makes perfect sense and to test this, just look at the shadow cast by an object. Any object at all in fact, will have a cool brown/grey undertone, never ever orange or pink.
    If you use your bronzer to shape your jawline for instance, you will end up with a muddy/dirty looking jawline instead of those enviable sharp contours you crave.
    In short: the placement of bronzer is the exact opposite of the placement of shaper.

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