Read-the-Label: Yaby Lip Color Refills

It’s no secret that I like refills. I also have three Zpalettes for my bronzers, blushers, concealers and a whole range of eyeshadows. Lip products can be great in refill form like the Yaby lip colour refills.  A review on the Yaby website tells that these babies are very creamy, highly pigmented and only require a few touch ups through the day. Sounds good! But what is in the product?
Well, here’s an ingredient list: Continue reading

Read-the-Label: Yaby Pearl Paints

Yaby is the number one in the field of an organized kit. Ok, Z-palletes are great as well (great transparant front!), but only Yaby combines palettes and products.
Today, I picked the Pearl Paints to look at the label. They are available in 15,5 mm refill pans and can be used in either 40-well palettes, freestyle palettes or Zpalettes.

The ingredientlist is actually quite short:
Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Phenyl Trimethicone, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, BHT.

May Contain: Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet, Chromium Oxide Greens, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake.

Mica comprises a group of crystallized minerals that naturally occur in thin, separated sheets. It is used as pigment in most mineral makeups (and many other products like eyeshadow, blushes and powders) to give it colour and to add a luminescent shine. The colour of mica ranges from pale green to black, and colourless. Mica has a nearly weightless and silky texture. Mica can be the ingredient that most people with oily skin dislike: it can interact with the oil in the skin, making the colour look darker and make the skin shine. It also enhances wrinkles and fine lines.

Titanium Dioxide: also known as Titanium white, Pigment white 6, or CI77891, provides the enhanced coverage and a matte finish. It can also act as sunscreen and as a thickening agent. Because of it’s gentleness, it is great to use around the eyes. While it can provide sun protection, but in these doses only at a very low level. The titanium dioxide particles used in sunscreens and other products have to be coated with silica (sand) or alumina (aluminium oxide) because titanium dioxide on it’s own creates free radicals which are carcinogenic. If you happen to be allergic to silica or aluminium oxide, it is wise to avoid titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is occlusive and can clog pores, so it can either cure acne or breakouts, or worsen it (note: what may work for one, may not work for another).

Phenyl trimethicone: Ding, ding, ding, we have a silicone! Silicones are not bad, see my previous article about silicones. It provides the silky-smooth touch, and a breathable barrier for the skin. It has a ‘drier’ finish than dimethicone.

Talc: Most people will say that talc is a filler, however, it can also absorb excess oils. Some people think talc can cause cancer, but a study in 2006 showed that there is no evidence for the relation talc – lungcancer (source: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, January 2006, pages 4–9).

Magnesium Stearate: Magnesium stearate is often used as a carrier, the diluent in powders. Therefore it can be found in eyeshadow, blush and even medical tablets. It also has lubricating properties. Manufacturers love it because magnesium stearate prevents ingredients from sticking to the manufacturing equipment during the compression of chemical powders into solid tablets.

Methylparaben & Propylparaben: If you have read last Friday’s article on parabens, then you know that you don’t have to worry about or avoid them. They are one of the most effective and least harmful preservatives. Luckily, in this formula, titanium dioxide is also used, which gives you some protection against the sun. And, for a short recap: methylparaben is the one with one carbon atom added, and propylparaben is the paraben with three extra carbon atoms added.

BHT: Butylhydroxytoluene, an anti-oxidant with antiviral properties. It is therefore mostly used as a preservative.

Then, over to the pigments; I think, some of the colours are derived from mica (for instance, I guess that there’s mica in the colour “Emerald Green”). Unfortunatly, there is little information about pigments, so we have to trust the manufacturers on this one.

I have to say; most of the eyeshadow and other powders are the same. Mostly, a combination of mica, titanium dioxide and talc form the base of the majority of eyeshadows and blushes. Then preservatives are added, in this case, methyparaben, propylparaben and butylhydroxytoluene. What is very unique (at least, for me) is the silicone (phenyl trimethicone), I haven’t seen it before in a powder. I guess that’s why this product receives so many raving reviews all around the world.

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Behind-the-scenes March

I’ve decided to start a new category of posts in this blog with a random selection op photo’s that will hopefully give you a peak into my life as a makeup artist and shop owner. Some will be personal, some shop-related and a lot will be makeup related! This first one is a collection of March events but I plan on doing one every week on Monday, so stay tuned!

My first Morrocan Oil order! I have high hopes for my hair now, so stay tuned for a review.

My makeup station half-way through a busy day of shooting! I forgot to bring Kleenex and of course 2 gas stations on the way to the studio were sold out, hence the Tempo tissue pack. Meh. This studio loves a good bikini babe though.

The long awaited first edition of Dutch Vogue finally arrives on my BIRTHDAY! YAY!      And look at the condition of the wrapper. I hate when this happens, thanks mail man.

But here it is, and looking FAB! 🙂

My birthday started off SO good with these lovely flowers from my better half! ❤

Bubbles and bites at the beach with sunny weather and the one I love. Doesn’t get much better than this!

watching the sun set…

This just hit home with me SO much.

refreshing pick-me-up while working on the store in my kitchen instead of my office!

I gave myself a nice birthday present! testing is in progress, look out for the full review!

One of the new campaign pictures for Yaby Cosmetics, makeup by one of my fav makeup artists, Roshar! Can’t wait to use these on the shop page!

One of the pics I did for a lookbook way back in January!. Love brides!

Our living room before we decided to change it completely! Kinda nice now that I see this again haha!

Nice clean makeup station at 4.30 am, right before all hell broke loose. Too bad I didnt take any “after” shots.

New Yaby Pearl Paint tester unit!!

An oldie from back in February. The snow + streetlights + dusk is just.. magical.
This is the view from our appartment on the 18th floor btw.

Thats it for now, hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment or a question if you like! 🙂


Wayne Goss on Yaby Cosmetics

Wayne Goss, popular Youtube reviewer gives his honest opinion on Yaby Cosmetics Eyeshadows and Pearl Paints!

Yaby Cosmetics was developed by Canadian makeup artist Liz Yu.. She developed the brand with her peers in mind, knowing first hand how we always have way too much stuff in our kits and everybody is always trying to condense. Yaby is actually the reason I started PROMAKEUPSTORE in the first place in 2008! I had the pleasure of meeting Liz for the first time at IMATS London in 2010.
I already used Yaby as a makeup artist before I started selling the brand and I have never seen shadows so pigmented in my entire career. A lot has been said on their small size, but for me that’s more an advantage than anything else. Yes, I want to have every color under the sun in my kit, but I don’t want my kit to weigh a ton. And that’s exactly what you can achieve with these palettes. After all I do want a bright yellow and an acid green shadow just in case I might need it some day, but I don’t need them to be the size of a dollar (or a euro for that matter). They would last me my entire career AND my back would go out from carrying all that stuff around.
So before being put off by the size, think about the advantages. With this kind of pigment you aren’t likely to run out of a color any time soon, even though they are small.
If you need to replace a color in the palette, just press down on one side of the pan until it flips up, take it out and replace it with a full pan! It’s that easy.
Another plus is that they are vegan!

The four eyeshadow palettes each contain 40 shades of eyeshadow.
The “World of Pearl Paints Palette” contains all 40 Yaby Pearl Paint eyeshadows. Of the 2 kinds of shadows, these have the most pigment and they are all shimmery, and waterproof after application.
They go on like paint and then dry to a powder that won’t budge. I use these even on the waterline instead of pencil. Mixed with FACE Atelier Transforming Gel the possibilities are endless!
The Pearl Paint palette is 115 euros and refills are 2.80 including tax.

The “Dramatically Neutral Palette” contains a collection of 40 nude, brown, grey, blue, pink and black shadows in both matte and sheen finishes. For clean commercial and bridal looks you can’t go wrong with this palette.
The full palette is 95 euros.

The “Something Bright Palette” contains 40 bright eye shadows in a range of colors varying from blue greens to orange/reds, pinks and purples.
Palette is 95 euros.

Finally, the “Best of Both Worlds Palette” contains a selection of  40 best selling pearl paints and eyeshadow shades. This one is a great starter palette for first time Yaby users as well as those people who are serious about condensing their kit.
Full palette is 100 euros, refills are 2,25 for the eyeshadows and 2,80 for the pearl paints.

Of course you can always buy an empty 40-well palette and start your own custom Yaby palette as you see fit!

In My Kit

I wanted to wait until my new Züca Pro arrived before doing this post, because I haven’t been happy with my old set up for a while. I keep switching it around but it never really feels ok. My old trunk, which was just a very cheap aluminum toolbox from the hardware store, was literally screaming for retirement. At any time, I felt like it would just fall apart, and there is never a right time for that to happen.

I waited a long time before ordering the Züca, for a number of reasons. The single most important one being that I’m a “open-the-paintbox-and-start-working” kind of a girl. I don’t like unpacking anything and everything before being able to do something.
A couple of my fellow artists already owned one, so I was able to see theirs and how they work it, but ultimately, you can only find out if it works by trying it yourself. At 245 euro’s, I just stopped thinking, closed my eyes, and pressed “go”. Ouch.

I’ve been working with it for almost a week, and I have to say I’m ambiguous, but not ready to give up on it already. After all, there is no such thing as the perfect makeup case. It’s like moving house in a way, in your old one, you could find everything blindfolded. In the new house, you will need to find the perfect spot for your belongings, and that takes time, and a lot of switching and moving around. And maybe saying goodbye to some items that no longer fit. So I’m struggling, but willing to be patient and see if I can adopt this new way of life.
A good case is crucial for any artist, specially if you have a bad back like I do.
Oh, I’ve also ordered the Züca Artist Backpack for all my hair goodies and that should help with becoming even more organized. And organized is what we LOVE.

I have a second (smaller) kit at home that I use in a pinch, when my big kit is somewhere on location and I need to rush out for a last minute job, pictures of the baby kit will come in a seperate post.

Ok, on with what’s IN the Züca right now 🙂

Brushroll, loose brushes, powders, blenders
Quad roll with lipglosses, mascaras and misc. inside
contents of the quad roll, pencils, mascara, lipgloss, liptar, highlighters
Palettes from Nixie, Yaby, RCMA, Graftobian; LaFemme, and
various ZPalettes and Yaby freestyle palettes filled with Dior, MAC and Yaby.
foundation/powder bag with Cinema Secrets, RCMA, Visiora, Face Atelier, LeClerc, MAC and also some
Yaby and Max Factor powders (not visible but under the small 5-well palettes)
Skin PrepFinish Bag with Embryolisse, CS moisture spray, alcohol, makeup removers,
disposable mascara/lip wands, small q-tips, Face2Face, BeautyBlenders, eyedrops, and much much more.
Yaby liquid foundations, MUFE flash palette, Japonesque lipstick palette, MAC lip palette, lashes,
tweezers, lash comb, scissors, lashcurlers

And here is the Beast, packed and ready to go..

I will update this post with the Züca Artist backpack as soon as I get it in the mail!
The pictures are made with my BlackBerry so they are not very high quality, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.