Personal New Years beauty resolutions

I don’t usually do New Years resolutions because I don’t think just because it’s the start of the new year it’s going to make me more motivated than any other time of the year. However, some beauty issues really need to be adressed more regularly as one gets older. In your mid-forties you just can’t let it all hang out the way you did when you were in your mid-twenties, let’s face it people.

So here are a couple of things I’m going to try and be better about in 2012

1). Drink more. First of all, I don’t believe in involuntarily drinking more than 2 liters of water or any type of liquid a day. I do believe in listening to your body. When you’re thirsty you need to drink and that’s that. When you drink more than what your body needs, you flush out valuable minerals and vitamins + you waste a lot of time on bathroom trips.

I usually have gallons of black coffee in the morning, just because I’m a monster if I don’t, but I have been better during the day, switching from my usual cappuchino’s to herbal tea.
I’m even starting to like it. Well.. sortof.
So it’s less coffee and more herbal/green tea to cleanse more toxins out of my system. Oh, and I’ve also decided to make an effort to drink more champagne because I feel celebrations have been neglected in 2011. And we can’t have that now can we?

2). have regular manicures and pedicures. My hands are under scrutiny as a makeup artist, and I wash them a lot. Water is very drying to skin and it weakens nails. I have my nails done with either solar or acrylic and keep them very short and rounded/squared without polish most of the time. So what’s the problem you say? Well, I can never find the time to go for a fill and more often than not a whole week of ragged nails has gone by before I get to make time. Feet; well thats a whole other ballgame. I rarely wear open shoes or sandals not even in summer, but I do have to make an effort to go and have pedicures even though I detest anyone touching my feet. Given the choice, I would much rather go to the dentist than the pedicure, but unfortunately both have to be done.

So: make regular appointments for hand and footsie maintenance in advance. From now on there will be no more excuse not to go.

3). wear at least a little bit of makeup every day. Most people think just because I’m a makeup artist I would wear it myself every day but the exact opposite is true. I spend so much time working on other people’s faces that most of the time I can’t really be bothered to do my own anymore. So except for the occassional party/birthday/bash when I will use some mascara and concealer, I usually wear nothing at all.
Besides that, the thought of coming home late at night after a gruelling day of work and having to take it all off again, is enough incentive to stop me from putting it on in the first place. Laziness, I confess.

So: make an effort in 2012. Duely noted.

4). which brings me to eyelash extentions. A very good option for lazy people like myself who want to look bright eyed from the moment they wake up without the least bit of effort. Now all I need to do is find a good technician because I’ve tried them about 2 months ago and my lashes are damaged so badly I need to wait a couple of weeks before trying again. This time with someone who actually knows their stuff. Nuff said.

5). eyebrow upkeep. I’m trying to grow my brows back to their original fullness so I can have them threaded into perfect arches. Will report back in due time. In the meantime: step. away. from. the. tweezers.

6). upgrade skin exfoliation. As we get older our skin cells renew themselves at a slower pace. This actually starts at an age as young as 25, and by exfoliating you can keep skin younger and fresher looking. Right now I’m loving Paula’s Choice AHA gel exfoliator but I think I’ve reached it’s maximum potential by using it twice a day, so I need to look into some more heavy duty peels, and potentially a salon visit. Not my favorite pasttime, surprisingly. Exfoliating brings me to the logical next step:

7). wear sunscreen every single day of the year. I’m actually pretty good at this one already, for the face at least. So my goal is to extend that good habit to my neck and cleavage area (or whatever there’s showing of it at any given time) and my hands and arms. As we all know our neck, cleavage and hands show signs of aging quicker than any other part of our bodies so I will do my best to not stop at the jawline with my SPF 20.

There is probably a LOT more I can do but for now this is challenging enough I dare say.
Thanks for reading!
Have you made any beauty resolutions for 2012? Let me know, I’d love to read about them!