Zpalette vs Yaby palette + Koren Zander (EnKoreMakeup)!

Zena Shteysel, is the mastermind behind Zpalettes. She’s an award winning US makeup artist and member of the Emmy award nominated Dancing With The Stars makeup team. If anyone knows the importance of being ready and organised it’s Zena for sure. Besides being a real pro, she’s also a lovely and kind person and I’m glad to have the wonderful Zpalettes in the catalog of Promakeupstore.
Promakeupstore carries both Yaby empty palettes and Zpalettes, which you prefer is actually very personal. Below is a picture, courtesy of Zena from Zpalette, showing the 2 palettes side by side for your comparison.

Zpalettes are empty freestyle palettes with a magnetic base to hold makeup pans, made out of recyclable cardboard which makes them extremely environmentally friendly and lightweight as well. They come in 3 sizes, small square and large rectangular, and the even larger Pro version which is brand new to the collection. They also come in funky designs like leopard, zebra, pink and always stylish all black.
Zpalettes have a see through lid so you can see in one glance what’s in them.
Sometimes pans of certain brands won’t stick to the  magnetic base as much as you’d like. For that we have magnetic stickers, either from Zpalette or the grippies from Yaby. The Yaby’s come in 2 sizes, 13 and 23 mm round, the Zpalette stickers come in one size squares.

Stick them on the bottom of the reluctant pan and voila!

The Yaby palettes are all white and the same size, but come in a different variety inside: 6-well (for powder foundations), 8-well (for creme foundations and blushers), 20-well (for concealers and lip colors), 40-well (shown above, for eyeshadow, pearl paint and cake liners),  freestyle with no wells for all shapes and sizes, and 21-well custom for all of the Yaby refills. Obviously the Yaby freestyle is the one to compare to the Zpalette and they each have their own merits, with the Yaby being in between the small and large Zpalette sizes, and featuring a stainless steel mirror/mixing palette. It’s up to you to decide what you prefer in a palette. I personally carry both in my kit for different reasons and like them equally.
Of course you can use Yaby empties in 3 sizes to fill with your own creme products to use in your Yaby palettes or your Zpalettes.

This is what Youtube and makeup guru Koren Zander has to say about Zpalettes:

Hope you enjoyed!